Monday, February 23, 2009

Pine Top

This weekend we went to Pine Top! It was so much fun...while Zaak went snowboarding with the guys Ky and I went sledding. Little Ky has gotten so brave! He went down a hill all by himself..he even fell once and really ate for Zaak he said he said he was pretty good at snowboarding and didn't fall once. This was his first time going since he was on his be honest I'm sure he fell...but we know guys never wanting to admit to things like that lol...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!

I was reading a couple little essays on the internet about v-day and came across this one. I loved it and thought I would share this with all of you. May you all have a special day.

Sickness and Health
"Is that your husband?" The ER nurse is pointing to you, the fever-spiked lump who is snoring softly and muttering beside me. We've been here for hours, and for hours I've returned my lips over and over to your scalding forehead, as if to cool it, or, perhaps, to comfort myself. In just a little while longer, we'll find out that what you have is a severe case of strep, and you will swallow the prescribed pills, and I will finally put my lips to your quietly sleeping forehead and feel a welcome coolness.
But for now the nurse's face is creased with compassion and weariness — she is waiting — and it's not really the right time to tell her about your gentle strength: the way you rocked our baby in the sling for hours on end while you graded papers, rocked another baby three years later while you did your anatomy homework, babies peacefully asleep across your broad chest for what feels like my entire adult life. It's not the right time to explain what a funny contradiction you are, a hockey-playing massage therapist, or how just last week you lay your hands on a friend's father while he lay dying in hospice.
She wouldn't understand how funny it is that you gave me bedtime coupons — promising to turn in early on the nights I redeem them — because you're a night owl and I miss you in bed, or how it feels when I come down in the morning to a toasty kitchen because you've already lit a fire in our wood stove. She doesn't know that I'm strangely euphoric, sitting here thinking about how lucky I am to have so much to losemy rock, my mystery, the love of my life — that I'm sitting here thinking in sickness and in health. I will, I think. I do. But all I can say is yes. "Yes. That's my husband." -Catherine Newman

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My B-day!

So last night I was surprised by my mom and Zaak. They had a surprise dinner planned for my b-day! Thank you both so much...its been a while since I have done anything for my b-day :) I loved it!! xoxo

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