Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing catch-up!

So I am pretty behind at updating my blog!! EEK! So here is what has happened since my last post...

Kyren had his last day of school last month and they did the cutest little program for the parents. We were so blessed to of had the most amazing teacher! Mrs. Ellingson was everything we could have hoped for!! She really loved all her kindergartners and taught them all so well. We are so grateful =) Kyren sure misses school and all his friends. On the last day I asked him if her was excited about summer and he said yes, but that it was also a sad day because school would be out. He is such a smart boy and loves to learn.  I was unable to upload Kyren's cute little program video but you can view it by clicking here

Summer is here!

So far this summer we have been doing a little bit of the park, and of course some swimming! 

Brody is two!

I cannot believe my little baby boy is now two! Brody is very independent and loves to be cute!
So far Brody:
  • has been potty trained for a couple months now, YAY!
  • loves to eat pizza
  • playing in the water
  • throwing and kicking a ball, and has quite an arm!
  • loves to watch the sports channel with his daddy
  • has got some dance moves
  • his favorite song to sing it Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
  • loves music
  • enjoys watching Curious George
  • can be a sour patch....hes sour then he's sweet!

Birthday morning Mickey Mouse pancakes

At Peter Piper

Baby #3
We have a due date! Jan 12, 2012 

So far I have been feeling great! No sickness or weight gain yay! I am 11 1/2 weeks along.

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VALOR Pest control