Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's love like this that makes everything worth wild!

My husband Zaak is amazing! I am honestly so lucky to share forever with him.

I love all the silly moments we share, how he can make me laugh, how he thinks I'm pretty funny, the way he makes me feel beautiful, how great of a father he is to both of our kids, how much help he is when he is home, our mornings together, how we both are addicted to Prison Break and will watch it for hours on end before bed, all the little things we have alike, our little wrestling matches, but most of all I love how everytime I see him he still takes my breath away!

"Love is meant to be an adventure!!"
— Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, August 13, 2010


On Wed it was Kyren's first day of school! I honestly cannot believe how fast that day came. It really makes me feel old knowing I now have a child that goes to school. He was so excited and could wait to start! I woke him up in the morning and he popped right out of bed. As him and Brody sat on the bathroom floor waiting for me to get ready Ky told his brother how he was going to start school and that he would be gone all day. It was so sweet.

He wanted some eggs for breakfast and wanted me to pack a lunch for him. 

When we got to the school we got out with him and walked to the playground. Right away he gave me his backpack and ran off to go play with the other kids. 

The bell rang and he lined up to go to his classroom.

Once we got inside the classroom we found his desk and it was time for all the parents to say goodbye. Kyren got a little upset because according to him he was tired of me taking pictures and even told us to "Just go already" He was so independent and brave. 

He was excited to see us after school and told us about his day. He loved it! I am so proud to have a son that is so brave and smart. I know that Kyren will stand out at school because he is so creative, talkative, funny, and very intelligent. 

(Ky and his teacher)

As for us it's pretty lonely not having Ky home with us during the day. I can tell Bordy misses his big brother. I actually didn't cry dropping Kyren at school BUT I did tear up (a lot) once he got home and I read a poem he made in class that had his little hand print on it.   

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