Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Conversion Story

About a month ago my husband said that I should maybe write down how I became a member of the church. I have been thinking about it for weeks now...but kept putting it off for one reason or another. The truth is that I really did not want to hash out the feelings and memories of who I was when I found faith. In reality I knew that Heavenly Father was with me all along but I couldn't reach him. Over my life I have made so many life changing decisions; some good and some bad and among one of them was to become LDS.

I have heard about "Mormons" a lot in high school. They were the kids I really didn't get. Growing up I struggled to believe that there was even a God. For years I lived in darkness. I actually did not become curious until I started working for the Lindbloms. The spirit's presences was so strong among them that I could even feel it. It wasn't until about a year and a half after I worked there that I made one big life changing decision and that was to be a single mother. During this period I felt lost and confused. I did not know where I belonged and why I was even here. I wanted something better for me and my son. I no longer wanted to feel this emptiness inside. I was doing things that I should not have been; I was going down the wrong path and it was starting to show.

One of the Lindbloms invited me to church one day, to be honest I don't know why he did. I like to believe God sent him to me, he was to help me with my struggle. I am sure when he asked me he was thinking I would probably say no...but something told me to just go. I remember panicking.....not wanting to tell my family I was going to attend Church that Sunday. I was scared of them judging me and questioning why I was going to go. But most of all questioning the fact that I was ready to let God into my life.

Stepping into those doors I immediately I knew this was where I belonged. It felt like home. I stayed for all 3 hours. For the first time in a long time I felt this peace that I have never knew existed. Right away I wanted to start taking lessons from the missionaries. The very first lesson I had was all I needed to know that this was the true church, that God has a spacial plan for us. That God had a special plan for me.

The first night the missionaries handed me the Book of Mormon I could not let it go. Never have felt so strongly about God. For the next 6 weeks I continued taking the lessons. My family was very supportive of my decision. I did get some negative response from some. Well more like from someone...he thought I was crazy, even laughed at me for believe what he so called "nonsense" but not even his reticule could stop what I felt. In my heart I knew that what I was doing was right, and nothing could change my mind.

I was baptized April 26 2008.

Since I have been baptized I have had so many wonderful blessings! It has made me want to be a better mother and person.

So this is my conversion story...happy to say it ends in a happily ever after!

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