Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall break

Life has been so busy lately! It's hard to keep up with blogging.

This fall break we started it by going to our friends's baby first birthday followed by a crazy scooter bike ride {crazy but VERY FUN}

Yes us three rode on this tiny thing lol

Later that night we went to a pumpkin festival a did a corn maze along with some rides. Kyren and Brody loved being in the maze.

We finally got our zoo passes and went to the zoo! After being so spoiled and living in San Diego and going to their zoo no other can ever compare but none the less we will make due with our little zoo. We ran into my sister-in0law there and walked around with them for a little.

We got a 3-D ultrasound of little Scarlett. It's so weird how you can see what your baby looks like. She is the cutest thing. {I will post pics once I scan them}

We also took the kids to Castles and Coaster. Kyren is such a dare devil and rode ALL the big rides. I would get so nervous every time, luckily he had Zaak to go on them with. Brody and I had fun going on all the little kid rides.

Getting ready to go on the zip-line

Zaak on the Zip-line

Kyren on the Zip-line

Zaak and I got to go to the Improve and it was a much needed date! We love having a good time and laughing together.

That was pretty much our fall break!

VALOR Pest control

VALOR Pest control