Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...around this time of year is when I look back and think of everything that I am grateful for. I am very grateful for my loving family and friends that are in my life. I am grateful that god gave me the gift of being a mother and having a beautiful little boy. I am grateful for finding my best friend and getting the chance to marry him. Zaak really brings out the best in me. I am grateful to have two great parents...I love you guys very much. I am grateful for my little sister. I'm also grateful for my new family, the Muros. Most of all I am grateful for waking up every morning and having a a chance to spend time with my loved ones all over again.

I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A funny story

So last night I woke Zaak up thinking that I was hearing a little boy yelling mama! Well Zaak was hearing it too. So he went out side to find this little boy we could hear last night. He comes back and was like it was just a cat! Haha...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

9 weeks Pregnant

So I am expecting baby number 2. We are very excited and can't wait to meet the new member of our family. To be honest this has not been an easy pregnancy like my first one. Its def not fun feeling nauseous and tired all day long. (I guess I should add cranky into that list too lol) We get our first ultrasound next month and altho it may be a little to early we are hoping they will be able to tell us what we are having. Already having a boy we are hoping for a little girl. But most importantly we just want a happy healthy baby.

Gilbert Days

So last night Zaak and I took Ky to the Gilbert's day festival where they had some fun rides. Ky loved it so much that he cried as we were leaving. We all had a great time :)

Here are some Pics from the Gilbert Parade We went with the Muro's and our Friend Ashley and her two cute kids.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Funny things from Ky

So this weekend while in cali Ky said some really funny things...

1. The first one was we were sitting in the kitchen and this guy comes in without his shirt on and he had some pretty big pecs. Well Ky looks at me and says "Look mama that boy has boobs like you!" OMG I didnt know what to do. I wanted to laugh out loud but didn't want the guy to feel bad...but I dont think he heard.
2. We were in La Jolla just eating lunch outside and this lady with big hair walks by and as she walks by Kyren looks and says "Look at her hair!" all while doing this little wiggle dance and his hands above his head to show how big her hair was.

Kids are so honesty. Its funny because we all think thoughts like that but we keep them to our selfs. So if Ky ever says anything about you I apologize in advance lol. :)

Cali Nov 2008

So this weekend we went to Cali. We had such a great time We stayed at a beach house in Ocean Side(right next to La Jolla). It was an awesome place! We got there Fri. and just hung out that night. Than Sat we went kayaking! It was so much fun, altho I will have to admit that I was pretty scared!! I def feel like we needed that little vacation. We got back Sun night...I was so sad to leave. I really hope that we move out there someday!

The craziest thing happened when we were in La Jolla, I ran into my bff that I haven spoke or seen in 3 years! Hannah Park! It was so nice seeing her. She hasn't changed at all! We met up for dinner and got caught up on our lifes. I hope that we never lose touch again!

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