Friday, June 18, 2010

Brody's 1st Birthday!

Brody had a very eventful first birthday! As you can already guess he got to spend his special day at Disneyland. Enough said....

Taken when we were in the park and they knew where we were!

Flying off in the sky!

Kyren with Nana and Leslie

Teacups, Zaak tired to spin us fast to make me sick...but it didn't work haha


Kyren is out dancing 

The special boys in my life

Having so much fun
Mickey ears

Love this face =)

Racing time with daddy

Louie, Brody, and Nana

Although you can't see Kyren its him and Leslie

You can tell we don't mess around

Brody loved Disneyland! We can't wait to go back.

On Brody's actual birthday we went to the zoo followed by Olive Garden for his dinner feast =P

Opening up gifts

Cake time

Kyren helped Brody blow out the candle

Brody update:
Brody can now walk!
Says mama, dada, bubu(bye bye) 
Will point out where mama, dada or Kyren are when asked
Loves to be tickled and chased
Likes to play with cars or balls
Can climb up and down the beds...or anything for that matter
Has 6 teeth (2 at the bottom and 4 on top)
Likes to dance 
Causes lots of mischief
Bath time is his favorite, he is a fish
LOVES all food
and the list can go on and on. I have two boys that are way to smart for their age!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Kelley's 10 year get together!

Last weekend we got together with the Kelley family in Malibu! It was so much fun. 
Here is everyone that came!

The first night we went to Kent's house where we had dinner and jammed out!

Julia and Kelley and in the background my hubby looking like a creeper! Ha

I just love him!

Emily with Brody and her boyfriend 


Kelley, Uncle Walt, and Zaak

The following day we went to Zaak's grandpa's house and had some food and hung out with the whole family. Everyone was there and we all had a good time. 

The grand kids

The great grand kids


The Muros

                                            The Kelley Family                                                          

About 10 years ago they made a time capsule and everyone put something in it. Here are the boys digging it up.

Sadly once it was out of the ground and opened we discovered that water had some how gotten inside and ruined everyones belongings.  

cute little pose

Sitting in the KINGS chair

Its been a while since we had gotten together and it was nice to see everyone!

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