Monday, September 26, 2011

Shadow a Student Day and more

Shadow a student!

On Friday Zaak and I got to go to Kyren's school and shadow him for the day. It was so much fun and pretty neat to see what he does in school. We got there around lunch time and went to recess. Ky really wanted us to bring him some MsDonald's for lunch and eat with him. At the end of the day the kids get to "buy" {fake money earned in class} something from their treasure box and Ky was so sweet and got Zaak and I something from there too. He got me a ring and got Zaak and eraser. It made me tear up that he would think to get us something because we were there in his class. This boy is ALL HEART! He is the sweetest most lovable boy. I am so proud to have him as my son.

When we first arrived

Lunch Time
Reading time in his class

After school we bought some yummy Jamba Juice and enjoyed our drinks on the play ground. 

Our new love, caramel apples! We went to the mall with my mom and sister and got to enjoy this tasty treat! 

Kyren started taking karate classes...its so cute watching him every week practice his moves and then come home and teach Brody. Every week his teacher gives him a responsibility to do at home. Last week was helping to wash dishes. 

 Zaak started playing on a soccer team. The boys love cheering him on! This was at his first game.

 Ky at the dentist

Brody is addicted to playing with the DS

We went to the splash pad with Tillman 

  Baby Bump
This is me at 6 months. I still feel amazing and my total weight gain has been 10 pounds EEK! Only 15 weeks to go! 

I love making crafts. Here are just some that I have made.
Halloween wreath

Fall wreath

Fall Banner

Halloween banner

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